ssd vps

A solid state drive, also known as a solid state disk or electronic disk, is a data storage device, which utilizes integrated circuit assemblies to store data persistently. SSD has no moving mechanical components, meaning that it contains no contain spinning disks and movable write heads that are included by traditional hard disk drives or floppy disks.

Besides, Dedicated server in Switzerland are more resistant to physical shock, perform more input/output operations per second, have lower access time, and less latency than HDDs. Since 2010, most SSDs utilize NAND-based flash memories, which maintain the data without the need of power sources like batteries. To be frank, solid state drives can greatly enhance the performance of a website.

According to the performance testing with PretaShop, the average page loading speed of a website powered by ssd vps in switzerland is 0.3 sec, which is 0.8 sec faster than a site powered by a standard hard disk drives. Never underestimate this 0.8-second page loading delay, as it might cause a decrease in your conversion rate, page views, and visitor satisfaction.
When you wait, there is always a high CPU usage because the CPU is processing data in a waiting state to get information from a disk or to write onto the disk.

So, when you use SSD VPS, you can use less amount of CPU; this ensures better CPU performance. With SSDs, your file opening speed can be dramatically increased.